Register Your copy of UPC Studio

Note: Registration codes for UPC Studio will be automatically emailed to the address entered below. Please contact Pacific Power Source Sales Support staff for Test Manager, Test Sequence, or Test Plan registration support.

The Serial number you entered is not a valid number. Serial numbers are case sensitive and may include embedded spaces. Characters must be entered exactly as shown in one of the following places:
  1. On the power source front panel during start-up
  2. In the UPC Control/Info display.
  3. As the string received in reply to the “:syst:serialnumber? “ query.
Please check the UPC Serial Number and try again.
Please note: The automated form is for UPC Studio only (“ST” or “WE” prefix) only. Consult factory for UPC Test Manager “TM”, UPC Test Sequence “TS”, or UPC Test Plan “TP” registration codes.
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