2011. 02. 01

Pacific Power Source Expands its AC Test Power Product Line with the 9kVA Model 390-ASX
The 390-ASX is ideal for AC test, frequency conversion, laboratory, and bench-power performance parameters.


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Irvine, Calif., February 1, 2011— Pacific Power Source introduces the 390-ASX, the latest addition to its line of manual and programmable AC Power Sources. With 9kVA in a 9U chassis, the 390-ASX offers the high power density demanded in today’s AC Test Power market. This unit builds on the proven technology found in Pacific Power Source’s widely-used ASX Series AC Power Source family and delivers full-power capability in single-, split- or three-phase mode. The 390-ASX is ideal for AC test, frequency conversion, laboratory, and bench-power applications.


Like all AC Power Sources in the ASX family, the 390-ASX converts power by high-frequency pulse width modulation, resulting in cool, quiet and efficient operation. Utilizing the UPC-3 Controller with its powerful micro-controller to create a fully integrated test system, the 390-ASX delivers a variety of power conditions to the device under test. It also meters and analyzes all output-performance parameters. With quartz-crystal-stabilized output frequency, the 390-ASX is a superior source of stable AC voltage over the frequency range of 15 to 1,200Hz and output voltages up to 600V. The flexibility to provide both single- and three-phase outputs makes the 390-ASX an excellent choice for three-phase input to split (two-phase) or single-phase output power conversion.


All ASX Series AC Power Sources are equipped with Pacific Power Source’s UPC Controller, providing the industry’s most powerful and user-friendly operator interface. Standard features of the 390ASX-UPC3 include a 22 Waveform Library and Arbitrary Waveform Generation, RS-232 interface with SCPI, and 99 steady-state programs with associated transients for static and dynamic test applications. Available options include GPIB (IEEE-488.2) interface with SCPI, Peak Inrush capture and Waveform analysis, LabVIEWTM Libraries and a wide range of Output Magnetics for worldwide testing. Another advantage of the 390ASX-UPC3 is its compatibility with UPC Studio Software.


Recognized for its exceptional control of UPC-equipped AC Power Sources, UPC Studio Software is particularly versatile because of its unique Test Manager feature, which helps users quickly create and run Test Sequences and Test Plans. Test Sequences consist of one or more Output Sequences designed to execute a series of automated tasks that control and monitor the AC Power Source and other instruments. Test results are then stored in user-defined test reports. Test Plans manage and simplify complex tasks by allowing the user to link together a series of Test Sequences into a single test.


Users have long relied on Pacific Power Source’s ASX Series for its rated output power based on the most severe combination of input line, output voltage, power factor and temperature. With the addition of the 390-ASX, this model fills the gap between 6kVA and 12kVA previously found in the ASX Series Product line.


“The 390-ASX establishes new advantages with regard to power density, features and price,” according to Mitchel Orr, Pacific Power Source's Vice President of Sales. “If you have the 360-ASX but you need a little more power, the 390-ASX is the model to serve your needs.”


About Pacific Power Source:

Pacific Power Source, Inc., founded in 1971, is a world leader in high-performance AC Power Sources and Power Conversion Equipment. The company designs and manufactures its products at its headquarters and main facility in Irvine, Calif., and maintains sales and service centers in China (Shanghai), the United Kingdom (Guildford) and France (Strasbourg). In addition, Pacific Power Source has a worldwide network of sales representatives and distributors.


Pacific Power Source offers standard products that range in power from 500VA to 625kVA and above. Low-power products include line conditioners, frequency converters and programmable AC power sources. High-power systems include power line conditioners, frequency converters, programmable AC power test equipment and uninterruptible AC power sources. The company can also design and customize products to meet customers’ exact specifications, unlike other suppliers in the industry. Whether the requirement is for an AC Test System, current source or fully integrated ATE rack, Pacific Power Source has a solution.


Major markets served by Pacific Power Source include commercial/industrial and military, with applications ranging from research/development and manufacturing to facility power. Key market segments include aerospace, appliances (“whiteware”), communications, computers, government laboratories, lighting, and test and measurement instrumentation. The company’s customers include a broad array of domestic, military, and multinational firms with operations throughout the world.




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